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Principal Alton Jackson

Welcome to Belt Line Information Systems and Software Design Academy.  Our theme for the 2016-2017 school year is “Navigating Towards Excellence:  Where Distinction is our Destination.”  Our hope is that all students are eager to take ownership of their learning and work towards self-sustaining success.  This vision will become a reality through authentic collaboration with our parents and the community.

Belt Line serves almost 600 students in grades PK-5th, and our family of committed educators commits to work tirelessly and with intentionality to ensure that the targeted needs of all students are met both academically and socially.  We understand that we are preparing our students for jobs that have not yet been created, and because of that, we make it our aim to strengthen our students’ literacy skills so that they are strong readers, listeners, speakers and writers.  We will expose our students to opportunities to work collaboratively, solve problems and think critically so that they are equipped for middle school, high school, college, career and beyond.  We are anchored in excellence, and we welcome our students, parents and community aboard as we set sail for a great year!

Wendy Hawthorne, Principal



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